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About Discorder

Discorder has already more than 20 years of experience in online sales. First under the name of, and now as

Our site is user friendy, aiming for the best service possible and has a lot of extras not found at comparable webshops. For instance, you can find links to various reviews on different websites and you can watch videos of your favorite bands. More than 400.000 articles have complete tracklistings. You can also keep up to date with your favorite bands current touring schedule. Due to working with relevant search results and the possibility of switching different formats on and off, finding that particular item you're looking for is made as easy as can be. As if that isn't enough, we have various discount offers going on and a reward points system which enables you to turn in your reward points for items from our webshop. For every 2nd and 3rd CD or DVD or BLURAY of at least 10 euro, you will get a 1.00 euro discount each. For every 4th item you will receive 1.50 euro discount. For every 2nd and 3rd Merchandise or Vinyl item of at least 10 euro you will receive 1.50 euro discount each, for every 4th you will receive 2.50 euro discount.

Shop and pay in a secure environment. Payments can be done with paypal, creditcard or international bank transfer.