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Tags: black metal, black thrash metal, japanese, blackened thrash metal, thrash metal


There are currently 5 Artists under the name "Abigail": a Romanian doom/death metal band, a Japanese black/thrash metal band, a Polish heavy/power/melodic metal band, Abigail Zsiga and a Czech alternative rock band. Abigail (Ro): PLEASE GO TO --------------------- Abigail (Jpn): Abigail was formed in January of 1992 by Yasuyuki (Bass/Vocal), Youhei (Drums) and Yasunori (Guitar) being inspired by early black/thrash metal bands like Bathory, Venom, Sodom, Bulldozer, Hellhammer, NME etc. Read more about Abigail on

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  • Abigail Alcohol, sluts &.. LP 2-3 weeks 22,60 ADD TO CART
  • Abigail Early black years '92-'95 CD 20,60 ADD TO CART
  • Abigail Evil metal massacre 2-LP IN STOCK

    ( ready to ship in 1-2 working days )del string

    29,91 ADD TO CART
  • Abigail Lord of satan CD 2-3 weeks 19,94 ADD TO CART
  • Abigail Smells like teen spirit CD-S IN STOCK

    ( ready to ship in 3-5 working days )del string

    10,61 ADD TO CART
  • Abigail Sweet baby metal slut CD 2-3 weeks 19,94 ADD TO CART
  • Abigail Ultimate unholy death CD 2-3 weeks 19,94 ADD TO CART
  • Abigail Welcome to hell fuckers CD 1 week 20,60 ADD TO CART
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