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Tags: doom, drone, drone doom, sludge, doom metal


There are multiple artists using the name Monarch. 1) Monarch is a sludge / doom metal band from Bayonne, France, fronted by Emilie Bresson. In the US their name is often written Monarch!. The band was founded in 2002 in Bayonne, France. In 2005, they released their debut, a double CD with three tracks. Since then the band have released new albums almost annually; additionally, they have also released various EPs, singles and splits with Moss, the Grey Daturas and Elysiüm. Read more about Monarch on

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    Toon geen
    Formaat Levertijd Prijs
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  • Monarch If children CD 3-4 weken 21,89 BESTELLEN
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  • Monarch Omens LP 2-3 weken 33,24 BESTELLEN
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  • Monarch Omens -digi- CD OP VOORRAAD

    (verzendklaar in 1-2 werkdagen)

    21,93 BESTELLEN
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