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Pagan Rites

Tags: black metal, underground black metal, pagan metal, swedish, old school black metal

Pagan Rites

Pagan Rites is a black metal band from Halmstad, Sweden formed in 1992. Besides a live-album in 2000 and several smaller works they released two albums: "Mark of the Devil" in 2003 and "Pagan Metal - Roars of The Anti Christ" in 2006. Current line-up: Lenny Blade (Venom) - Bass Thomas Karlsson (Unholy Pope) - Vocals J.Voltage (Hora) - Guitar C.J. Sodomizer - drums Official Website: Pagan Rites on

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  • Pagan Rites Embrace the torments of.. CD 1-2 weeks  16,49 ADD TO CART
  • Pagan Rites Preachers from hell -mcd- CD IN STOCK

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